Myths and Misconceptions About BOTOX Injections

With more and more people looking for a non-surgical option for anti-aging, it’s no surprise that BOTOX Cosmetic injections have been so popular for so long. It’s the most popular injectable treatment offered at Jefferson Plastic Surgery.

When people come to our Philadelphia, PA center for BOTOX treatment, we find that they have a number of misinformed notions about what BOTOX is and what it can achieve. Below, we’ll tackle and debunk some of the most common misconceptions about BOTOX injections.

Myth: BOTOX Can Give You Botulism

While BOTOX is derived from botulinum toxin, it will not cause botulism. The solution is carefully processed and and refined for safety, which is why it is approved for use by the FDA. Furthermore, the effects of BOTOX only affects the muscles in the injection site, not spreading beyond the targeted areas of the face.

Myth: BOTOX Is Only for Women

Many people feel that BOTOX is just for women. While it’s true that women are the most common patients to undergo plastic surgery, the facts show more nuance.

According to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), 452,812 men underwent BOTOX injections in 2018. While that was just 6% of all BOTOX injections performed that year, it shows that men can benefit from cosmetic injectables just as much as women.

Myth: The Results of BOTOX Are Immediate

Patients will experience the benefits of BOTOX not long after their visits. However, these benefits are not immediate. For the vast majority of patients, the wrinkle-reduction benefits become apparent within five days, with full anti-aging results visible by the end of a week to two weeks.

Myth: The Results of BOTOX Last for Years

BOTOX results can last for a while, but they won’t last for years. The majority of patients will experience the benefits of BOTOX for several months. When the wrinkles start to show again, a repeat injection session can be performed.

Myth: BOTOX Can Get Rid of All Facial Wrinkles

BOTOX injections are great for treating dynamic wrinkles, which are the kinds of wrinkles that appear from making certain facial expressions. Not all wrinkles are dynamic wrinkles, however.

For static wrinkles, other cosmetic injectables known as dermal fillers can be used. These include popular solutions like Restylane® and JUVÉDERM™. We can discuss the ideal filler or combination of fillers with you during a consultation.

Myth: BOTOX Makes Your Face Look Frozen and Fake

BOTOX has a reputation for giving patients a frozen appearance that looks unnatural. It’s led some people to assume you can always tell when someone has gotten BOTOX done.

We take great care in carefully targeting the muscle groups that cause lines and wrinkles. Focusing on just the treatment area and taking a conservative approach leads to better results.

Myth: BOTOX Is Only Used for Cosmetic Treatment

BOTOX injections are best known for their cosmetic benefits, but the FDA has also approved BOTOX to address a host of other issued not related to wrinkles and signs of aging, such as migraine headaches, teeth grinding, and lazy eye. There’s more to BOTOX than just making you look good.

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