Out of Town Patients

Getting the best care and most qualified plastic surgeon is at the top of any patient’s list. The plastic surgeons at Jefferson Plastic Surgery offer a level of skill and training that is unmatched by many surgeons in Philadelphia and across the nation; as such, they understand that some patients will travel to Jefferson Plastic Surgery from out of town to receive expert care. Out-of-town patients can review this information to make the surgical process as easy as possible

Research and Review

The first step when planning any plastic surgery is to research the desired surgical procedure. Take time to review the Jefferson Plastic Surgery website in detail to read information about the procedure and recovery process. Any additional questions about surgery can be answered during a phone consultation or email exchange. Before they even set up a consultation, patients can be informed on their procedure of choice. At this time, patients can also get directions to and from the office.


The next step is to schedule a consultation. There are two ways to do this. Patients can either take the time to come to Philadelphia and meet with a surgeon in person, or take advantage of an online consultation service through this website.  Meeting with a plastic surgeon in person is a great way to understand what to expect during surgery, but if patients can’t make it in, a online consultation will most often suffice to find out if they are a good candidate for surgery prior to making a trip to the office.  If you are interested in taking the online consultation click here.


After the consultation process is complete and a treatment plan has been formulated, the next step is to set up a surgery date. Patients can work with the office staff at Jefferson Plastic Surgery to find a date and time that works. Remember to factor in the time it will take to travel to and from the appointment when selecting a surgery date. Patients that live too far away to make travel comfortable can consider staying in a hospital or hotel after surgery. Many patients select this option in order to stay as comfortable as possible.


The amount of time that is required to recover in Philadelphia depends on the type of surgery that was performed. During the consultation, a plastic surgeon from Jefferson Plastic Surgery will estimate how many days the patient should plan on staying in Philadelphia before returning home. Patients that undergo a fairly non-invasive plastic surgery may return within a couple of days. More extensive surgeries, such as tummy tuck, may require a longer recovery period.


The last thing to plan on is the follow-up appointment. After plastic surgery, it is important to check in with the plastic surgeon at least one more time in order to make sure everything went as planned, and that no adjustments need to be made. The follow-up appointment is typically scheduled a few days after surgery. 

Out-of-Town Patient Consultations

The plastic surgeons and staff at Jefferson Plastic Surgery welcome out-of-town patients on a regular basis. They can help patients with setting up travel reservations, hotel accommodations, and any other needs they may have when coming to Philadelphia for plastic surgery. Contact Jefferson Plastic Surgery in Philadelphia today.