The Differences between Male and Female Eyelid Surgery

Jefferson Plastic Surgery offers carefully tailored plastic surgery treatments that focus on the needs and goals of the patient. Many considerations are made to achieve optimal and natural cosmetic outcomes. While the structure of a patient's face and the patient's medical history is important, the patient's gender also plays a major role in how a surgery is done.

Below is a general breakdown of the types of cosmetic eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) procedures offered at our Philadelphia, PA practice. From there, we'll consider how eyelid surgery differs when performed on women and men.

The Types of Eyelid Surgery

There are two kinds of eyelid surgery.

  • Upper Eyelid Surgery: Upper eyelid surgery helps remove drooping or sagging skin of the upper eyelid. It involves an incision made along the natural crease of the upper eyelid. Through this incision, excess skin and tissue can be removed, ensuring a more youthful overall appearance.
  • Lower Eyelid Surgery: Lower eyelid surgery targets bulging or puffiness that forms under the lower eyelids. This often involves carefully performed facial liposuction, with incisions made under the lower eyelashes.

General Candidacy for Eyelid Surgery

Good candidates for cosmetic eyelid surgery are men and women who have issues with their upper or lower eyelids. They should be in good health overall and have realistic expectations about the procedure, including its risks and benefits. 

In addition to cosmetic concerns, upper eyelid surgery may be ideal for people whose vision is impacted by a sagging eyelid.

Performing Eyelid Surgery on Women

Women can undergo both upper eyelid surgery and lower eyelid surgery without any issues. Both are excellent ways to fight signs of advanced age and to enhance one's overall appearance. Treating a sagging upper eyelid can make a woman's eyes look brighter and livelier, helping the patient shed years from her face. Removing bags or puffiness below the lower eyelids can help a woman look both vibrant and energized, eliminating a tired or worried facial expression.

Performing Eyelid Surgery on Men

While men can undergo both upper eyelid surgery and lower eyelid surgery, the latter procedure tends to be more common. Thanks to some careful revision of the lower eyelids, men can look younger, more energetic, and far more refreshed.

The primary concern with upper eyelid surgery on men is that the procedure can potentially make a man's eyes appear more effeminate. When performing upper eyelid surgery on a man, surgeons work carefully when making incisions and adjustments to ensure a more masculine shape to the eyes.

Tailoring Surgery to the Needs of the Patient

Given the concerns above, one can understand why gender is so important when performing plastic surgery. During the consultation process, a cosmetic surgeon will carefully take a number of factors into account when developing a treatment plan. Whether it's an upper eyelid surgery or a lower eyelid surgery, the surgeon will keep the patient's gender in mind to ensure ideal results.

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