Combining a Facelift with Facial Liposuction

If you wish to undergo a facelift procedure to tighten up loose skin, but also wonder if a liposuction procedure is needed to remove pockets of fat, you may wonder if it is feasible to combine these two procedures. Here, we outline each procedure, as well as the pros and cons to consider if you are thinking of undergoing facial liposuction along with your facelift.

Facelift Procedure

A facelift is designed to remove excess sagging skin and, in some cases, also tighten up underlying facial muscles. There are a number of techniques that our surgeons can use depending on whether or not the muscles also require firming, as well as options in terms of lifting the entire face versus targeting certain areas of the face (such as the jowls or neck).

If you are considering combining a liposuction procedure with your facelift, our surgeons usually prefer to do the liposuction first. After the facial liposuction, we have a more accurate assessment of how much skin needs to be removed with the facelift procedure.

Facial Liposuction

Facial liposuction is designed to remove pockets of fat, most often around the jawline, neck, and chin. In order to do this, our surgeons start by making a series of small incisions in the treatment area. They will then insert a thin, hollow tube with a vibrating head through the incisions to break up the fat cells and vacuum them out of the body.

Our surgeons also use a technique known as tumescent liposuction to make fat easier to remove, with less bruising and bleeding. They will first inject the targeted areas with a combination of a local anesthetic and epinephrine, which makes the fat cells swell, harden, and move closer to the surface of the skin. This makes them easier to remove.

Pros and Cons of Combining a Facelift and Facial Liposuction

The main advantage of combining the two procedures is that it will save you time and money in terms of having to undergo a second procedure. If you are not undergoing a particularly extensive facelift and only need a relatively small amount of fat removed, liposuction can be performed at the same time. This may also be an excellent option if you are anxious about surgery.

On the other hand, if you are undergoing a more extensive facelift that will involve tightening the facial muscles, we may recommend that you undergo the two procedures separately. We will want to see the final results from the liposuction to determine how much skin tightening is required.

Also, if you are prone to adverse reactions to anesthesia or have certain chronic conditions, such as diabetes, this places you at higher risk for surgery. Attempting to combine procedures will result in more time on the operating table. This could increase your risk of serious complications.

There is a certain appeal to getting all the work done at once. However, that is a decision that you and your surgeon should make together by weighing all the factors. Our focus will always be on your safety and satisfaction with your results.

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