When Can Eyelid Surgery Patients Resume Wearing Contact Lenses?

In the first days after cosmetic eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), patients will not be able to wear their contact lenses. In fact, you won’t be able to do much. A patient’s focus will be on resting in those early days of recovery, which means avoiding strenuous physical activities as well as activities that may result in eyestrain. Patients will often be given ointment to apply to their eyelids, as well as eye drops to use if their eyes feel dry or irritated.

Eventually you will be able to get back to reading books and catching up with movies and shows. Typically, this isn’t until a few days after surgery. The Philadelphia, PA cosmetic surgeons at Jefferson Plastic Surgery explain why patients need to wait to wear their contact lenses again after eyelid surgery.

Why Wearing Contact Lenses Too Soon Is a Bad Idea

During the first week of surgical recovery, a patient’s eyes will feel sore, uncomfortable, and sensitive to light. The surgical site will also be more susceptible to infection since the surgery was recent.

Wearing contacts too soon can lead to serious discomfort to the eyes as well as the eyelids. The eyes might dry out too soon or feel irritated from the mere presence of contact lenses. The contact lenses themselves might increase the risk of post-surgical infection given the contact with the eyes. Just in terms of comfort and common sense, it’s important to wait to wear your contacts again.

Contacts Back in after 10 Days, But Take Things Slow

For most patients, contact lenses can be worn again 10 days after cosmetic eyelid surgery. This is subject to the surgeon’s assessment of the patient's recovery as well as the patient’s rate of recovery.

Even at 10 days, you may want to wait a bit longer before you wear contacts again. If it’s too difficult to put in a contact lens, give it another few days and try again. Don’t rush it, and don’t force it.

Wear Prescription Glasses Instead of Contacts

If you own a pair of prescription glasses, be sure to wear those while you are recovering from cosmetic eyelid surgery. Since glasses make no direct contact with the eyes, they are safe and comfortable to use.

Additionally, when you're outdoors, be sure to wear sunglasses. This will hide your eyes from view after surgery has been performed and will also protect your eyelids from direct sun exposure.

Follow Post-op Instructions to the Letter

In order to heal quickly and avoid complications, be sure to follow all of your post-op instructions closely. These instructions will make sure you get the rest you need and avoid any actions or activities that increase the risk of infections and other complications.

Attend All Follow-up Visits with Your Plastic Surgeon

Patients will have periodic follow-up visits with their surgeon as they heal from eyelid surgery. The first of these typically occurs within one week of surgery. Attend all of these follow-ups as scheduled. Your surgeon will let you know when you can wear contacts again based on your progress, and can also discuss other activities that you may resume.

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