Skin Care Tips to Help You Face Fall Head On

Warm sunny days at the beach or by the pool are now beginning to give way to colorful, falling leaves and the appearance of pumpkin spice-flavored coffee and bakery items. As summer changes to fall, you will need to look at revamping your skin care routine to not only repair some of the damage that your skin may have suffered during the summer, but also to prep it to get it through the colder weather that will soon be on its way. Our staff at Jefferson Plastic Surgery has compiled a number of tips to keep your skin soft and glowing into fall and winter.

Maintain a Sunscreen Routine

We all know about using sunscreen during summer to block out harmful ultraviolet rays. However, just because the days are getting shorter does not mean you can now stop using sunscreen. While the sun may not be out for as many hours of the day, it can still damage your skin. Use a sunscreen that contains a moisturizer so that your skin won’t get dried out, even on colder days. Add in a pair of large sunglasses to protect the delicate skin around your eyes, and you are good to go on cold, but sunny days of fall.

Time to Exfoliate

By the end of summer, your skin has likely gotten dried out from all the exposure to sun, ocean saltwater and pool chlorine, leaving it looking dull, flakey, and lifeless. This is when you should start out your fall skin routine with a good exfoliation to remove that dead top layer of skin to reveal softer skin underneath. Choose one that has a bit of oil to it as well, which will treat that dry summer skin. Follow up with a good moisturizer to get that glow started.

Treat Your Feet

Proper skin care doesn’t end at your ankles. Your feet take quite a beating during summer, particularly if you spend a great deal of time barefoot. They are likely rough, dry, and cracked, particularly around the soles and heels. If left untreated, they might begin to crack and bleed. Fall is the perfect time to get your feet back in good shape. Use a gentle exfoliant and buffer to get rid of dry, tough skin and callouses. Soothing peppermint foot cream can help tired feet feel better after a long day. Finish it off with cuticle cream for your toenails.

Lip Service

Your lips will also get chapped and dried out over the summer, leading to cracking and bleeding. You may want to consider a gentle lip scrub treatment, followed by a lip moisturizer. Make sure you always wear a lip balm with sunscreen when outdoors, as your lips can still be damaged on cold, blustery winter days.

Fall marks the seasonal transition away from summer toward the colder days of winter. Your skin care routine should follow suit and get you prepared for winter by keeping your skin soft and moisturized and focusing on areas that often become dry during colder weather, such as the hands, lips, and feet. 

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