Non-invasive Ways to Improve Your Appearance by the Holidays

As the end of 2018 draws near, we often focus on the promise of new beginnings. You may also be wondering how to look your best once the holidays are upon us. While a visit to our advanced cosmetic skin care and plastic surgery center here in Philadelphia, PA can be helpful, there are a lot of things you can do at home to enhance your appearance.

The team at Jefferson Plastic Surgery would like to share some non-invasive cosmetic tips that will bring out the best in your appearance during this holiday season. Consider this helpful advice an early present from us to you.

Moisturizing Is Essential

The winter months are much drier than the rest of the year, which can drain the moisture from your skin. Lotion and moisturizer are crucial for keeping your skin healthy and supple. Use a thicker body lotion to retain moisture. Be sure to consider heavy face creams, overnight moisturizing products, and oil-based facial lotions as well.

Drink Plenty of Water

Your body can’t get by on cocoa, lattes, and spiced cider alone. Be sure to drink lots of water during the winter. This will maintain your general wellness and also help combat dry skin and other cosmetic flaws related to a lack of hydration.

Consider a Humidifier

We mentioned that the winter is drier than the rest of the year. You can combat the effects of low humidity on your skin by using a humidifier. This has cosmetic benefits and can also improve your comfort during these colder, drier months.

Exfoliation Is Your Friend

Dead skin cells can leave your face looking dry and dull. By exfoliating regularly, you can remove these dead cells and unveil the softer, fresher skin beneath. Make sure you use gentle exfoliating products to avoid doing damage to your skin.

Make Time for Exercise

Exercise is crucial for maintaining a healthy weight and really feeling your best. Make some time for exercise every day. This will help you feel healthy and will also help work off those extra calories from Thanksgiving dinner (and all those Thanksgiving leftovers).

Watch What You Eat

The holiday season is ideal for gingerbread cookies, rugelach, candy canes, and egg nog. These high calorie foods can cause you to pack on the pounds in no time. Practice moderation during the holiday season to avoid overeating and putting on extra weight.

Improve Your Makeup Game

Stepping up your makeup routine can work wonders for your appearance. Try changing your current foundation to brighten your complexion. Consider a new concealer to mask those blemishes and splotches you don’t want people to see. New eye makeup and lipstick can similarly enhance your looks.

Speak with Your Hair Stylist

If you’ve had the same hairstyle or hair color for a while, you may want to consider changing things around. Maybe different highlights are in order, or a complete makeover. Speak with your stylist about what might be the right option for you this holiday season.

Find Time to Destress

The holidays are hectic with so much focus on work, travel, and family. The stress can take a toll on your appearance, which is why making some time to relax is essential. Meditation, a walk, yoga, or a little quiet time alone can have positive effects on your overall sense of wellness.

Learn More about Enhancing Your Appearance

For more information about looking your best, be sure to contact Jefferson Plastic Surgery. Our team of plastic surgeons are here to offer insight into professional aesthetic enhancement techniques and how you can improve your looks in general.

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