Make Your Own Breast Implant Sizers

As a preteen, you may have used rolled up socks in order to give yourself the appearance of breasts while playing “dress up.” At the time, it was just for silly fun, but that was a long time ago. Now that you are an adult, you may be more serious about attempting to increase the size of your breasts and looking for ways to try out different implant sizers to see which ones will best suit you. Although there are companies that specialize in manufacturing breast implant sizers that you can try on when you come in for a consultation at Jefferson Plastic Surgery, you can also make your own sizers at home with an old pair of stockings or pantyhose and some uncooked rice. Below, we give you step-by-step instructions, as well as some tips on how to best determine which implants will best suit you.

Rice Breast Implant Sizers

Start with an old pair of pantyhose or knee-high stockings, a bag of uncooked rice, measuring cups, and a pair of scissors. First, cut off the foot portion of the stocking or cut out a section of one leg of the pantyhose, stretch out the section, and then tie a knot at the bottom of one end. Next, measure out the rice according to this guide:

Rice                  Implant Size

¼ cup                  75 cc

½ cup                  125 cc

1 cup                   250 cc

Pour your measured rice into the stocking, and then compact it down into the bottom until it is in an oval shape. Tie another knot in the stocking, and then cut off the excess above the second knot.

Now you are ready to test them out. Slip them under a sports bra to get the best possible fit, and wear them under a variety of tops, from t-shirts to blouses. Try wearing them while doing normal activities, including exercise. You may want to make different sizes so that you can compare the difference in look and feel.

Tips to Remember

When considering breast implant size, perhaps the most important thing to remember is not to think in terms of cup sizes, as they can vary by manufacturer. There is no agreed-upon standard for cup sizing. Instead, think in terms of whether or not the sizers are providing you with the look and feel that you want.

You also need to think not just in terms of implant size, but also profile (the width of the implant compared to its height). For example, if you have a narrow chest, you will most likely want implants with a high profile, which have greater height than width, in order to avoid having the implants looking too crowded on your chest. Conversely, implants with a low profile (greater width than height) work better if you have a wide chest so that your implants do not look too widely spaced apart. You can also experiment with profiles with your rice sizers.

Making your own breast implant sizers will allow you to try out different implant sizes and profiles in the privacy of your own home. It will allow you the opportunity to think about your eventual goals from your breast augmentation procedure. 

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