Lower Face Lift for the Jawline

Throughout history and literature, we have placed a great deal of emphasis on the virtues of having a firm jawline. Our mythical heroes are expected to have strong, jutting jawlines like Superman or Captain America. Our heroines should have soft, feminine curves to their jawlines like Lois Lane. Those strong features convey youth, strength, confidence, and attractiveness.

Unfortunately, a combination of reality and the natural aging process works against those ideal jawlines. Over time, your lower face, particularly around the jawline, will start to sag and droop, eventually resulting in jowls. Unfortunately, this may give the perception that you appear old, worn, or even unconcerned with keeping up your appearance, even if none of these are actually true. Our staff at Jefferson Plastic Surgery understands your frustration with this situation. In such cases, we would recommend you consider a lower face lift, which specifically addresses the lower third of the face, including the jawline. What can cause the lower portion of the face to sag, and what is involved in the lower face lift procedure?

What Causes the Jawline to Sag?

Collagen loss is the most common cause for gradual sagging and drooping of the lower face and jawline. Collagen is a protein that the body forms in order to fill out over the skeletal framework. As the body ages, it loses collagen, which can result in a gaunt, hollowed look to the face, as well as excess, loose skin around the jawline, leading to jowls.

Excessive sun exposure can accelerate collagen loss. Our surgeons recommend using a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (SPF), specifically focusing on the neck, jaw, and chin areas. A wide-brimmed hat can also help block out excessive sunlight.

Finally, cigarette smoke can also dry out the delicate facial skin, also speeding up the collagen loss process. Our surgeons strongly urge patients to use their upcoming lower face lift surgery as an optimal time to quit smoking for good.

Lower Face Lift Procedure

There are two techniques that our surgeons can use to perform a lower face lift. For the first technique, the surgeon will place a small incision running from in front of the ear down and around to behind the ear. They will then carefully separate the skin of the lower face from the underlying tissue, tighten up any underlying sagging facial muscles, smooth the facial skin back in place, remove the excess, and then suture everything back into place.

For the other technique, the surgeon will instead make a series of very small incisions, and use small cameras, called endoscopes, inserted through the incisions, to guide them as they perform the surgery. In some instances, a chin lift might be performed at the same time, in which case, the surgeon will also make another incision at the point where the chin meets the neck area.

While it is true that improving the contours of your jawline may not make you Superman or Lois Lane, it can rejuvenate your facial appearance.

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