How Breast Implants Affect Sleeping Position

Many women undergo breast augmentation because of the dramatic results possible. You can enhance your curves and give your entire body a much more appealing shape. Yet getting silicone or saline implants means a number of changes, which includes potential changes to the way you sleep at night.

Dr. Steven E. Copit, Dr. Patrick J. Greaney, Jr., and Dr. Matthew P. Jenkins would like to cover some of the basics of sleeping after breast augmentation surgery. The board-certified plastic surgeons at our Philadelphia, PA practice can discuss this and other topics in greater detail during your visit to the practice.

How Breast Implants Affect the Way You Sleep

No matter what type of breast implants you get, they will alter the way your body feels. This is particularly true of the effects of gravity on your breasts as well as the way your breasts feel when they’re compressed.

For back sleepers, the changes during sleep won’t be too noticeable. If you were a side or stomach sleeper, you may have to drastically alter the way that you sleep now that you have implants.

The Best Sleeping Position While Healing from Surgery

As you’re healing from your breast augmentation surgery, it’s best that you sleep on your back while wearing your surgical bra. Make sure that your back is propped up by a few pillows so you are not lying down completely flat.

Sleeping on your back with your body propped up slightly allows your breasts to hang evenly. Wearing a surgical bra provides support for your breasts while sleeping, which aids with comfort and achieving optimal results. Continue to sleep this way until your surgeon advises you otherwise.

Sleeping on Your Back with Breast Implants

Once you’ve completely healed, it’s most ideal to sleep flat on your back. Once again, this ensures that your breasts are symmetrical during sleep. This can help with long-term cosmetic results and is generally much more comfortable for patients.

Sleeping on Your Side with Breast Implants

If you’re a side sleeper, you might notice how different it feels to sleep on your side now that you have implants. This is normal. You can still sleep on your side after getting implants, but it may be helpful to have a pillow to rest your breasts on. This provides a bit more comfort and support while you sleep.

Can I Sleep on My Stomach After Breast Augmentation?

You can do it if it feels comfortable. That’s the overriding rule after you’ve fully recovered from breast augmentation surgery. That said, some breast augmentation patients don’t feel comfortable sleeping on their stomachs anymore because of the pressure on their breasts. Your mileage may vary, which is why it’s important to try it out if you feel inclined.

Should I Wear a Bra While I Sleep?

Finally, let’s discuss the idea that wearing a bra during sleep can affect the appearance of the breasts. As it turns out, wearing a bra while sleep will not have that big an impact on breast sagging later in life. The same goes for not wearing a bra to bed.

That said, some women may find comfort wearing a sports bra or some sort of garment that offers ample support as they sleep. Feel free to try that out to see what makes sleep comfortable for you.

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