How the Aging Process Changes Skin Volume and What You Can Do about It

Getting older means gaining wisdom and appreciating the scope of one’s life and individual experiences. It also means developing some wrinkles and lines you’d rather not have. Thankfully, our Philadelphia, PA plastic surgery center offers a number of ant-aging treatments, from non-surgical cosmetic injections to the traditional facelift.

A number of our patients have asked us why their skin seems to lose volume as they get older. It’s something inevitable, but understanding why it happens is helpful for prevention and treatment. Let’s cover the basics of this issue and then consider what can be done to address these dreaded signs of aging. 

What Happens to Your Skin with Advanced Age

As you grow older, your face will wind up becoming thinner and more angular. The skin will begin to droop as well, especially around the lower portions of the face.

This change in skin volume is due to the loss of facial fat over time as well as the loss of collagen. As these two substances dwindle, your skin will be less elastic. Around the 30s and 40s, you’ll notice more wrinkles, deeper facial lines, and varying degrees of facial sagging. 

Signs You Are Losing Skin Volume

Here are a few common signs that your skin is losing volume:

  • The corners of your mouth begin to turn downward
  • The skin along the jaw line hangs loose
  • Your cheeks appear flatter
  • The area around your eyes seems hollowed out
  • Your temples seem more sunken in
  • Existing facial lines deepen and become more defined
  • Your skin feels thinner and drier

While this is unavoidable to a certain extent, there is plenty you can do to improve skin volume and overall skin health.

Protecting Your Skin to Prevent Major Volume Loss

Taking good care of your skin is extremely important. Be sure to wear sunblock whenever you go outside. Avoiding UV rays can go a long way toward long-term skin health and better skin appearance. Wear a hat with a brim and sunglasses to protect your face and eyes from the effects of the sun.

It’s also important to moisturize and hydrate properly. Use a gentle lotion after showering to seal in the moisture and keep your skin soft and healthy. Drink water throughout the day as well to help flush out toxins and avoid dehydration. A balanced diet can also make a major difference when it comes to the health of your skin.

Non-surgical Treatments to Fight Wrinkles and Sagging

When treating the loss of volume in the skin, many surgeons opt for dermal fillers. These kinds of injections add volume to the injection sites, with results that last for months at a time. There are also laser and pulsed-light treatments that help promote the production of new collagen in the skin, helping your face appear fuller and younger. 

Cosmetic Surgery to Enhance Skin Volume

Surgical options for the loss of facial volume will help tighten the facial skin you have. This helps reverse sagging and wrinkling, and generally enhances your appearance in the process. A facelift, lower face lift, and neck lift are common options to reverse signs of aging related to the loss of volume over time.

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