Good Candidates for Total Body Lift

Losing a lot of weight takes time, courage, and dedication. It has numerous health benefits, and it can lead to major changes to your body’s appearance. Most notably, you’re bound to have loose skin around different parts of your body that will not shrink back around your slimmer frame.

That’s why the team at Jefferson Plastic Surgery offers cosmetic surgery after major weight loss to people in and around Philadelphia, PA. Let’s consider how a body lift works and who is a good candidate.

How a Total Body Lift Works

A total body lift surgery combines different contouring surgeries that remove loose skin. By targeting common problem areas around the body, a plastic surgeon can make you appear trimmer and more toned overall.

Common Procedures in a Total Body Lift

Some of the most common procedures performed as part of a total body lift will address the abdominal area, the love handles, the and parts of the truck and extremities. That often includes the following:

People Who’ve Lost a Massive Amount of Weight

If you were previously obese or morbidly obese and lost a lot of weight, it’s going to have many benefits for your general wellness. It will also change your body in a number of ways. Loose and sagging skin is a major issue after massive weight loss, and the skin won’t go away with a good diet and exercise alone. Surgery is essential for slimming patients down.

Bariatric Surgery Patients

A number of people undergo bariatric surgery each year to promote quick and major weight loss with long-term benefits. Like massive weight loss through diet and exercise, bariatric surgery will result in loose skin around various parts of the body.

Candidates Should Be in Good Overall Health

To undergo a total body lift, it’s important that patients be in good overall health. That means they can undergo a major cosmetic surgery without any risk to general wellness. If the surgical procedure poses health problems to patients, other options will need to be considered.

Realistic Expectations About Scarring and Recovery

Scarring fades over time, but there will usually be some traces of the surgery around various parts of the body. The tummy tuck incision, for instance, will be made along the lower abdominal area, while the arm lift will have an incision located in the armpit tracing along the underside of the arm.

Body lift patients need to have realistic expectations about post-surgical scarring and proper incision aftercare. This will help ensure optimal aesthetic results from the procedure.

Tailoring a Body Lift Just for You

During the consultation process, Dr. Steven E. Copit, Dr. Patrick J. Greaney, Jr., and Dr. Matthew P. Jenkins will help tailor the surgery to your needs. In addition to picking the ideal combination of procedures for you, this also means timing the surgery so the right amount of excess skin can be removed. We’re here to help you look great and feel great now that you’ve achieved a more ideal weight.

Speak with Experienced Plastic Surgeons About Body Contouring

To learn more about body lift surgery and how it may benefit you, be sure to contact our experienced team of cosmetic plastic surgeons. We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have about the procedure.

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