Getting Breast Implants: What You Should Consider

The Philadelphia, PA surgeons at Jefferson Plastic Surgery perform countless breast augmentation procedures each year. Getting silicone or saline breast implants can be life changing, but it’s crucial that patients carefully think through their decision to undergo surgery.

Our team would like to cover some of the basic concerns that you should consider before undergoing breast augmentation. This will give you a good idea of the most important factors to ponder if you’ve had breast implants on the mind for some time.

The Reasons You’re Interested in Breast Augmentation

Before looking for surgeons and setting a date for surgery, ask yourself why you’re considering breast augmentation. Think about the role that your appearance plays in your life, and whether or not your feelings about your appearance could be addressed in some other way that doesn’t involve surgery. Yes, elective surgery is an answer, but it is not the only answer.

Most importantly, make sure you’re getting breast implants for yourself. You shouldn’t feel pressured or bullied into undergoing cosmetic surgery by anyone, whether it’s a family member, friend, or partner. If someone else is making you consider surgery, that’s a sure sign that surgery isn’t a good option.

The Cost of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation will cost thousands of dollars, and it’s important that patients be aware of the realities of the cost. There are financing options available to help make the procedure more affordable. However, if you are unable to afford augmentation even with payment plans, you may want to reconsider the surgery for the time being.

The Benefits of Getting Breast Implants

There are plenty of benefits to getting breast implants placed. You’ll feel more confident about your appearance, for one, and you may fill out certain clothes better. This boost in your self-esteem and self-image should not be ignored. It’s one of the key reasons why people undergo breast augmentation.

The Risks of Getting Breast Implants

All surgical procedures come with some risks, including the potential for infection, excessive scarring, and poor cosmetic results. We’ve also written on this blog about textured breast implants and their potential link to BIA-ALCL. It’s important that patients be aware of all surgical complications and risks before they decide that breast augmentation surgery is right for them.

The Recovery Process After Surgery

Recovering from breast augmentation will take weeks. That means time off from work and modifications to your normal routine. Scarring after surgery will take months to start fading; in fact, it can take years for scarring to fade as much as a patient hopes. Knowing the realities of the recovery process prior to surgery tends to improve overall patient satisfaction after getting breast implants.

Finding the Right Plastic Surgeon

Finally, it’s important that patients find a cosmetic surgeon that they can trust. Do your research when looking for a good plastic surgeon in your area. Make sure they have the experience you’re looking for, and that they put your goals and priorities first during the consultation process.

Learn More About Breast Implants

For more information about breast augmentation and whether or not it’s right for you, be sure to contact our team of skilled cosmetic surgeons. The team at Jefferson Plastic Surgery is here to answer your questions and address your concerns.

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