Can Liposuction Help You Win the Battle of the Bra Bulge?

Most women will agree that finding properly fitting bras can be an exercise in frustration. Once they find one that works, they will buy as many as possible in their size. Unfortunately, putting on weight can rapidly lead to what is known as bra bulge for those bras that seemed to fit perfectly just a few months ago. Extra fat around the back and flanks (the upper sides of the trunk of your body) become even more obvious as the pounds add up, particularly for those women who have invested considerable effort toward losing weight and getting into better shape, but still have bra bulge.

Our surgeons at Jefferson Plastic Surgery hear the same question over and over again from potential patients: “What can I do to get rid of these unsightly bulges around my bra area?” Liposuction is often the best solution in cases such as this. Why do our surgeons recommend liposuction, what is involved with a liposuction procedure, and who are good candidates for this type of procedure?

Why Might Liposuction Be a Good Option?

Liposuction procedures help remove stubborn pockets of fat cells that may still remain, even though you have worked hard to lose weight by having a regular exercise routine and following a sensible, low-fat diet. Fat around your back and flanks can be particularly stubborn because most exercises don’t really address these parts of the body.

Unfortunately, these are precisely the areas of your body where bra bulge will be most readily apparent. While the rest of your body may look toned and fit, unsightly bra bulge can detract from that. This is why our surgeons recommend liposuction for your back and flank areas in particular.

The Liposuction Procedure

For this procedure, your surgeon will start by injecting a mixture of a local anesthetic and epinephrine just below the surface of the skin in the areas where the fat cells will be removed. This causes the fat cells to swell and shift closer to the surface of the skin. Your surgeon will then make a series of small incisions, through which he will insert a small, hollow, metal tube attached to a vacuum pump. The fat cells will then be removed from your body. The advantage of tumescent liposuction is that fat cells are easier to remove if they are closer to the surface of your skin.

Are You a Good Liposuction Candidate?

If you are in good health, and can easily grasp at least one-quarter of an inch of fat around the area of your bra line, our surgeons feel you may be an excellent candidate for liposuction. You should also be at or near your ideal weight, but without fluctuating, and preferably not be a smoker. If you feel that you would be a good candidate, call us and book a consultation appointment with one of our surgeons. You may find that liposuction to remove your bra bulge can help you have the smooth line around your torso that you want to show off the results of your efforts to have a toned body.

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