Bromelain Uses in Plastic Surgery

Bromelain is an anti-inflammatory and swelling suppressant that many plastic surgeons will recommend their patients take after surgery, in order to mitigate some of the more uncomfortable side effects of plastic surgery.

Take, for example, breast augmentation. Patients usually experience swelling of the breast region, as well as an influx of blood and irritation from around the body. This is caused by the creation of incision and placement of the implant, which aggravate the tissue in the breasts. The body sends blood to help heal the body, leading to swelling and inflammation of the area.


As the incision and tissues heal and the body becomes accustomed to the breast implants, the swelling and inflammation will naturally go away. In the meantime, however, the patient can be left with extreme discomfort, and in some cases, the danger of breaking sutures or stitches, if the swelling is extreme enough.

This is where bromelain comes in. This is a supplement, derived from pineapples, that is designed to help reduce swelling and inflammation after surgery, especially after a cosmetic surgery. Whether the patient has undergone breast augmentation, liposuction, or another procedure, there is a high possibility that there will be at least some inflammation at the site of incision and the surrounding area.

This supplement works by speeding up the body’s natural healing process. Under normal circumstances, it can take weeks for the swelling after surgery to go down. Using bromelain, however, that time and the severity of side effects can be reduced. As the body heals more quickly, the swelling will go down.


Bromelain also helps reduce bruising. Some patients experience severe bruising after surgery, as the blood from broken vessels pools in areas of the skin. This bruising can be more noticeable than swelling, especially in patients that have had procedures like rhinoplasty or facelift, as the bruising will occur on the face.

Bromelain Cream

Bromelain is prescribed by some doctors in a cream form, to smooth onto areas of bruising. This helps the patient’s body to heal itself more efficiently, so there is less blood pool and therefore, less bruising.

Bromelain Pills

Other plastic surgeons will suggest that their patients begin taking bromelain in pill form even before the surgery. This will make the body more resilient to damage, and help to keep any post-operative discomfort to a minimum. When taken before surgery, it can actually help to reduce the down time after surgery and improve the body’s response to implants or liposuction.

Bromelain is usually prescribed as a preventative measure, but it also can be requested if the patient is experiencing especially bad swelling, pain, or inflammation. It will prevent the symptoms, but it can also diminish their effect once they have already begun.

Bromelain has been shown to be effective at reducing some of the most common side effects of surgery: bruising and swelling. To find out if you should take bromelain before and after surgery, or to schedule a plastic surgery consultation, contact Jefferson Plastic Surgery.

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