Breast Implants for Upper Pole Fullness

The upper pole of the breast is the part of the breast located above the nipple. The lower pole of the breast is the part of the breast located below the nipple. When plastic surgeons develop a breast augmentation surgery treatment plan for a patient, it’s important to consider how the breast implants will affect the fullness of the upper pole.

The team at Jefferson Plastic Surgery would like to go over the basics of upper pole fullness and how the type of implant used during surgery can affect the results. We can go over these issues in greater detail when you visit our Philadelphia, PA cosmetic surgery center.

How Upper Pole Fullness Can Be Achieved with Breast Augmentation

Upper pole fullness refers to the overall shape, contour, and look of the upper portion of the breasts. Generally speaking, having greater upper pole fullness leads to rounder and perkier breasts, and more prominent cleavage.

It’s important to note that not all patients will benefit from increased upper pole fullness. The most important aspect of any breast enhancement surgery is noting the patient’s contours and curves and how implants can be used to complement and enhance the patient’s figure.

Silicone or Saline Implants for Upper Pole Fullness?

Silicone breast implants tend to be more ideal for achieving upper pole fullness. The cohesive gel of the silicone allows the implants to hold a rounder, fuller shape. Saline breast implants do not achieve similar results simply given the effects of gravity on the saline solution.

How Breast Implant Size Affects Upper Pole Fullness

In general terms, having larger breast implants placed results in an increased fullness of the upper pole. Just adding more volume to the breasts tends to result in fuller breasts overall.

How Breast Implant Profile Affects Upper Pole Fullness

The profile of a breast implant refers to the amount of outward projection achieved. High profile breast implants increase upper pole fullness since they increase cleavage. Low profile and moderate profile breast implants have less impact on upper pole fullness.

How Breast Implant Texture Affects Upper Pole Fullness

Breast implants come in smooth and textured forms. Smooth breast implants have a tendency to shift and bottom out over time, meaning that upper pole fullness may be lost in the long run. Textured breast implants tend to remain in position longer, meaning greater long-term results with regard to upper pole fullness.

Tailoring the Surgery to the Patient

As you can see, there are many different aspects of implants that plastic surgeons must consider to achieve the ideal results for patients. An in-person consultation is essential for breast enlargement surgery to be fully tailored to someone’s needs.

We can address a patient’s aesthetic goals, and offer answers and insight as to how these goals can be achieved to get a sense of what the patient needs to achieve the best possible results.

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