The Benefits of Combining Surgeries

As effective as cosmetic surgery is, plastic surgeons know that patients sometimes need more than one surgery to really look their best. That’s why certain surgeries are combined. Multiple surgeries may be used in concert to help achieve a total makeover with remarkable results.

The Philadelphia, PA cosmetic surgeons at Jefferson Plastic Surgery would like to consider the numerous benefits of combining procedures. As you’re about to read, they can save you time and money, and help you get the most out of the treatment process.

Many Problems Are Multi-faceted

If you’re dealing with major body contouring issues or want a complete makeover, one surgery alone won’t get the job done. Multiple surgeries are going to be required to address multi-faceted problems. That’s why combination procedures like total body lifts or mommy makeovers become so helpful.

Body lifts target different parts of the body affected by massive weight loss, which is something a tummy tuck alone cannot accomplish. Mommy makeovers can also help address multiple parts of a woman’s body that have been affected by pregnancy and childbirth.

Achieving Multiple Aesthetic Goals

Sometimes problems aren’t multi-faceted but a patient’s goals are. Plastic surgeons have many creative solutions for combining surgeries to meet the diverse needs of patients.

Say a woman would like to increase the size of her breasts while also improving their perkiness. To achieve this, a plastic surgeon may combine the use of breast implants with some of the incisions made for a breast lift. Similarly, if a patient wants to achieve the benefits of dermal fillers while also getting rid of some unwanted belly fat, a fat transfer (combining liposuction with fat injections) may be ideal.

Potential Reduction of Scarring

Combining surgeries can help plastic surgeons minimize the number of incisions required during surgery. This means less post-surgical scarring and better aesthetics as well.

For example, it’s possible to combine tummy tuck surgery with breast augmentation. Rather than making incisions on the breasts, the implants can be inserted and positioned through the lower abdominal incision made for tummy tuck surgery. Facial rejuvenation procedures can also be done in a similar fashion, such as combining cheek implants with lower eyelid surgery.

Save Time While Recovering

Recovering from a plastic surgery procedure means taking a week or two off from work and gradually returning to normal activities over the course of a month. If you need multiple surgeries to achieve your aesthetic goals, that could mean several weeks of recovery if the procedures are performed separately.

By combining plastic surgery procedures, you can save yourself a lot of recovery time. Taking just two weeks off from work for many combined surgeries, you can heal enough to return to most normal job duties and be back on your feet. For major combined surgeries, taking three weeks off from work may be necessary, but that’s still a lot less time spent recuperating than if each procedure were performed separately.

Save Money by Combining Treatments

In addition to reducing recovery time, patients who undergo combined surgeries can save money. Individual procedures performed separately can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Combined plastic surgery procedures can cost just a fraction of what the individual surgeries would cost over time, allowing you to enjoy the many benefits of surgery without breaking the bank.

Learn More About Combining Plastic Surgery

For more information about your surgical options and how we can help you look your best, be sure to contact our experienced team of cosmetic surgeons. The team at Jefferson Plastic Surgery looks forward to your visit to the practice.

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