Back Fold Removal Plastic Surgery

When we think of problem areas, we usually think of our love handles and lower abdomen. Yet the back can also give people problems because of unwanted flab and folds. Women may be particularly affected by this unwanted back fat since it’s located around their bra line. This body fat causes issues with overall body contour and appearance.

The team at Jefferson Plastic Surgery offers numerous body lift procedures for loose skin and unwanted flab. Two surgeries in particular can target the unwanted back fat: liposuction and bra line back lift. Our Philadelphia, PA practice would like to discuss these two body contouring procedures and which one might be right for you.

Treating Back Folds with Liposuction

For minor issues with back fat and folds, liposuction may be the ideal option. Liposuction involves the targeted removal of unwanted pockets of fat and flab. The procedure is not for weight loss, but it is instead an ideal treatment option for people who would like to remove unwanted body fat that simply does not respond to diet and exercise.

Good Candidates for Liposuction

Good candidates for liposuction are people who have unwanted body fat that does not respond to an otherwise healthy lifestyle. They should be in good overall health and understand the risks and benefits that are associated with the procedure.

The Results of Liposuction

The results of liposuction for the removal of back folds can be quite good. The removal of fat from the middle area of the back can improve the overall contour of the torso, enhancing the patient’s figure and self-confidence in the process.

Treating Back Folds with Bra Line Back Lift

When patients have a considerable amount of unwanted skin or tissue that needs to be removed, liposuction of the back is no longer the most ideal option. In these situations, a bra line back lift tends to be more effective. This surgery involves an incision made along the mid-to-upper back where the bra line is located. Through this incision, a plastic surgeon can remove unwanted fat and skin and pull the remaining skin tighter.

Good Candidates for Bra Line Back Lift

Ideal candidates for a bra line back lift are patients who experience excessive back flab or folds as a result of genetics or major weight loss. They should be in good health overall and have realistic expectations about the surgery and what is involved.

The Results of Bra Line Back Lift

The bra line back lift is a great option for people who have excessive flab and folds of the back. Their body contour is improved, enhancing self-image and self-esteem. The scar from the surgery is concealed by the bra straps and most bathing suits, meaning excellent body contouring outcomes with easily hidden scars.

Picking the Right Surgery for Your Back

Liposuction and a back lift may be the right options for you. During an in-person consultation, we can go over all of your options in greater detail and answer any questions you may have about the right solution for your problems.

Learn More about Body Contouring Surgery

For more information about treating unwanted fat, flab, and folds, be sure to contact our experienced team of cosmetic surgeons. We at Jefferson Plastic Surgery are here to offer our insight and expertise.

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