Asian Eyelid Surgery to Widen the Eyes and Create a Crease

Rapidly increasing globalization of our society has brought many changes to a number of cultures, most notably in Asia. The beauty industry is booming in Asia.

For many Asian women, they wish to widen their eyes. This is a complex procedure that requires a good understanding of the anatomical differences between the Asian and Caucasian upper eyelid; in addition, surgeons must be able to retain the overall distinctive, almond-shaped appearance.

Our surgeons at Jefferson Plastic Surgery have extensive experience in upper eyelid techniques, including those used to widen the eyes.

The Differences between Asian and Caucasian Eyes

The most obvious difference between the Asian and Caucasian eye is the upper, second eyelid crease. Approximately half of all Asians do not have the upper eyelid crease.

Techniques for Asian Eyelid Surgery

There are two surgical techniques that our surgeons can use to perform double eyelid surgery: a suture technique or an incision technique.

Suture technique: This technique works best for patients who have thin eyelid skin with very little fat underneath. It involves the use of a particular type of suture stitch that pinches the upper eyelid skin, thereby creating a second fold. It will still be shallow, so it will resemble the look of the Asian eyelid that does have the second crease.

Because this procedure only involves a few sutures, it is done as a quick outpatient visit taking only 30 minutes or so, usually only requiring local anesthetic.

Incision technique: This technique is somewhat more involved than the suture technique, but it will anchor the second eyelid crease deeper, creating a look that is closer to a Caucasian eye. For this technique, our surgeons will remove a thin strip of skin just above the location where the crease is to be placed. Incisions can then be placed at a deeper internal layer to make the crease. Because this procedure goes deeper into the eyelid, it may need to be done at a surgical center, rather than in our offices. However, the advantage is that it can often produce longer lasting results, particularly for patients who tend to have somewhat heavier eyelids.

Widening the Asian eye not only requires skillful techniques, but an understanding of how to achieve the best results while still retaining the overall ethnic aesthetic. Our surgeons have undergone many years of training and performed hundreds of such procedures in order to understand that careful balance and how to maintain it. To find out if you are a good candidate for upper eyelid surgery, contact Jefferson Plastic Surgery today.

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