Jefferson Plastic Surgery

For over 100 years, our practice has been the Division of Plastic Surgery at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.


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Our highly skilled physicians provide each patient with the highest quality of care in a safe and ethical environment.


Breast Reconstruction

Improving the quality of life for women facing breast cancer treatment. 


Restoring Youth Through Cosmetic Surgery

We specialize in cosmetic surgery of the breast, body and face and strive to provide each patient with a natrual looking surgial outcome.



Do you want fuller, shapelier breasts? Do you wish to restore a youthful perkiness to your breasts? Or perhaps your breasts are overly large and need to be reduced in size. Breast surgery can be performed to augment, lift, and reduce the breasts. The surgeons at Jefferson Plastic Surgery achieve dramatic, yet natural looking results in cosmetic and reconstructive breast cases. Each patient’s treatment plan is absolutely unique, with breast surgical techniques tailored to the needs and anatomy of the individual. Browse the detailed and informative breast procedure pages to learn more about the procedure in which you are interested.


Insecurities about the appearance of the body can cause people to go to great lengths to hide “problem areas.” Patients hide loose skin on the arms, stomach, buttocks, and thighs with clothing, and try to mask or minimize weight problems with uncomfortable undergarments or dark clothing. Instead of relying on these temporary fixes that do nothing to improve a patients self-esteem or quality of life, patients can undergo body contouring. Liposuction can be performed to remove fat, or tummy tuck, arm lift, thigh lift, and other skin tightening procedures can be performed to reduce excess skin and produce a smoother skin contour.


Patients who wish to reduce the signs of facial aging or improve the overall balance of facial features are good candidates for plastic surgery of the face. The cosmetic surgeons of Jefferson Plastic Surgery perform facelift, browlift, and eyelid surgery to tighten the skin, reduce skin laxity, and minimize wrinkles. Other procedures such as rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, and ear surgery are performed to augment or reduce certain facial features so they do not detract from the patient’s overall facial aesthetic. Browse the educational content on the facial plastic surgery procedure in which you are interested to learn more about treatment candidacy, benefits, and risks.


Non-surgical cosmetic treatments in the form of injectable and dermal fillers have rapidly grown in popularity in the last few years. Advances in these products allow for more natural looking results. The various fillers and injectables on the market have their own unique benefits and uses; the surgeons at Jefferson Plastic Surgery choose the product that is best suited to the patient’s needs. For example, Perlane® is ideal for use on deep facial creases, such as the nasolabial folds, while Restylane® is ideal for fine lines around the lips and mouth. Patients that wish to undergo injectables and fillers treatment should consult the skilled surgeons at Jefferson Plastic Surgery for a customized treatment plan.

Our Doctors

"My goal is to achieve the best possible result for my patients while treating them with compassion and respect."

“I provide modern, scientifically-proven techniques with patient-centered communication in a comfortable, professional environment." - Andrew Newman, MD

Dr Adrew Newman Plastic Surgeon

"I'm committed to delivering excellent, compassionate care to every patient. I aim to achieve successful surgical outcomes that restore both form and function, while approaching each interaction thoughtfully and knowledgeably."- Heather A. McMahon, MD

Dr. McMahon
Dr Matthew Jenkins
Andrew Newman, MD
Heather McMahon, MD

Jefferson Plastic Surgery

Thank you for your interest in our office. For over 100 years, our practice has been the Division of Plastic Surgery at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and is the oldest continuous plastic surgery practice in the United States. The history and tradition of our practice is evidence of the quality of plastic surgical care that we provide.

Our vast experience has allowed us to adapt and modify different surgical techniques to provide our patients the best possible result. Our goal is to afford patients the most up to date procedures providing natural results with the least discomfort and quickest recovery time possible. We are careful to examine new procedures thoroughly before offering them to our patients. You can be assured that if we offer an operation, it is safe, proven and effective. Our office staff is dedicated to each patient's satisfaction. For over 100 years, our practice has been founded on the belief that if our patients are well treated and are happy with their results, they will be kind enough to refer family and friends. We have never used advertising or other marketing tools to entice new patients. Our practice has been built one patient at a time, on a reputation for providing high quality, safe, consistent plastic surgical care. Our ultimate desire is to make sure each patient finds his or her experience as pleasant and rewarding as possible. We appreciate you taking time to learn more about why in today's competitive plastic surgical environment, we may be the ideal plastic surgeons for you.

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Jefferson Plastic Surgery is located on the corner of 9th and Walnut streets in Center City, Philadelphia on the 15th floor of the Wills Eye Hospital Building.

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