ClearLift Laser Skin Resurfacing

Lines and wrinkles can leave a person looking much older than they are. Plastic surgeons have a number of options when it comes to fighting these signs of aging. While facial plastic surgery is an effective option, non-ablative laser skin resurfacing procedures such as ClearLift™ can achieve comparable results without the need for incisions and major downtime. ClearLift™ uses carefully directed lasers to heat the underlying layers of skin while keeping the surface skin unharmed. This promotes collagen growth, which leads to softer, suppler skin in the treatment area. Many patients throughout Philadelphia, PA have been opting for ClearLift™ and other laser cosmetic treatments. ClearLift™ is offered by our Dental-Medical collaborative, deme cosmetic, of which Dr. Steven Copit is the medical director.

ClearLift™ Skin Resurfacing Candidates

Ideal candidates for ClearLift™ skin resurfacing are people who experience the following cosmetic problems:

  • Fine facial lines and wrinkles
  • Small veins and redness
  • Loose skin and wrinkles of the neck
  • Lines and wrinkles of the chest

In many cases, ClearLift™ candidates include patients who would like to undergo an anti-aging therapy without the need for plastic surgery and major downtime. People of certain complexions and ethnicities may not be ideal candidates for ClearLift™ given how the laser can affect skin pigment. During the consultation process, a surgeon can determine if ClearLift™ is the right solution for a patient or if another option for facial rejuvenation should be considered instead.

ClearLift™ Skin Resurfacing Procedure

ClearLift™ skin resurfacing can be done quickly. Carefully controlled and monitored laser energy is aimed beneath the topmost layer of the skin. A typical ClearLift™ session will last no more than 25 to 30 minutes, and the skin will usually not need to be numbed prior to treatment.

More than one ClearLift™ session will be required to achieve optimal results. In most cases, patients can expect between three to five sessions. These ClearLift™ treatments are usually spaced four weeks apart. The exact number of treatments required can be determined during a consultation at our practice.

ClearLift™ Skin Resurfacing Recovery

ClearLift™ recovery is simple and quick. Since ClearLift™ is non-ablative, it leaves the surface skin unaffected. That means limited downtime. In fact, many ClearLift™ patients are able to return to work the same day and resume most of their normal activities. This is a clear advantage over facial plastic surgery and traditional laser skin resurfacing options.

ClearLift™ Skin Resurfacing Side Effects

The most common effects of ClearLift™ laser skin resurfacing are redness, itchiness, and swelling. These are normal and each typically resolves over the course of a few days. Patients are often advised to avoid direct sun exposure in the days after ClearLift™ treatment in order to help manage side effects and improve the overall healing process and cosmetic results.

ClearLift™ Skin Resurfacing Results

While some results will be noticeable after a single ClearLift™ session, multiple sessions will be required before full results are visible. In general, patients who undergo ClearLift™ skin resurfacing look years younger and more rejuvenated. Their skin is smooth and supple, and the results look natural as well.

ClearLift™ Skin Resurfacing Consultations

Many patients have benefited from ClearLift™. To find out more about this laser skin resurfacing option, schedule an appointment at Jefferson Plastic Surgery.

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